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New Fender Telecaster!!!

People are saying the new Fender Troublemaker Tele Deluxe is like a beautiful cross between a Telecaster and a Les Paul. Looks smoking hot - check it out NOW!

Fender Parallel Universe Vol II Troublemaker Tele Deluxe Electric Guitar

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Click here to checkout the best kids guitar of 2020, or keep reading for our full review!

Over the years, we've spent a lot of our time interviewing famous guitar players, reviewing the best guitars and gear, writing articles about guitar, playing guitar... The guys who bring you UberProAudio aren't just guitar journalists though, we are also all parents, and naturally we want our kids to grow up to either be rockstars, or at least be competent guitar players (ha!). After a 3 year search, we have finally found THE BEST GUITAR for KIDS!!! 

If you are short on time, just go grab a Loog guitar right now* - the guitars are a great blend of features, come in a variety of colors, and are extremely reasonably priced!:


* These popular guitars can sell out during the Christmas season, so plan your purchase timing wisely!wink

Keep reading for details on our experience with these cool little guitars...

First, let's talk about the history of guitars for kids. Usually what has been out there in the market is really cheap, poor quality acoustic or electric guitars that are shrunk down versions of larger 6 string guitars. The tough thing is that playing songs on guitar can be a daunting task for beginners, and it gets exponentially harder if you are a kid or someone with very small hands. A 6 string neck is just way too much to learn on. Loog solves this: their 3-string guitars reduce chords to the basic triad, allowing for a way easier and faster learning process.

With a Loog and its accompanying app, kids can play songs on day one, feeling rewarded and encouraged to keep on playing and learning. Whenever I teach friends or family guitar, I like to start off with those basic triads - having a guitar with a very small, slim neck, that has only three strings to worry about, really let's the kid focus on getting comfortable with guitar.

This is probably why WIRED said  “If you’re thinking of getting your kids interested in music, the Loog guitar is perfect.”

The Loog guitars use the first three strings of a guitar - same strings, same tuning. This is why finger placement and everything you learn on a Loog can be applied on a 6-string guitar too. And with the free Loog Guitar app, learning guitar is as fun as playing a game. What this means is that you can learn on a Loog and then transfer those skills so that you can play any guitar.

Loog mentions that playing a musical instrument helps children benefit in almost every level: it enhances their cognitive skills while fostering creative thinking and their ability to focus. Loog guitars are specifically designed to be played again and again, providing a stimulating experience that allows kids to learn while having fun.

These Loog guitars are not only great for kids and beginners though - they are pretty sweet little guitars to have in your office. Play some slide on them, play some riffs, throw the guitar in the car for a trip... The price is so reasonable, it's a no-brainer to try one or two of them.

There's some sweet videos of the Loog guitars in action - check this one out - we can post more in the comments if you'd like.

Here's a picture of the Loog guitar in my professional guitar rig - it gives you a comparison so you can get a better feel of the size of the electric guitar for kids. Note that this guitar was bought with hard earned money and was not given to me for free - I really feel this is the best kids guitar:

Loog guitar side by side with professional guitar rig
Loog guitar side by side with professional guitar rig

Here's another picture that gives you a different visual perspective of the best guitar for kids:

Loog guitar

My young son absolutely loves to play the Loog electric. I think it was his favorite gift ever! Loog is always working on exciting new guitar offerings and we are really looking forward to the products they come up with to make learning guitar easier and easier for kids! Go check this guitar out now!

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Peerless Guitars may be a name that isn’t as recognizable in the United States as some other big brands, but you are likely already very familiar with their work. Since 1970 Peerless, headquartered in Korea, has been producing very high quality guitars for manufacturers including Epiphone and Gretsch.  In 2007 Peerless began releasing carved archtop guitars under its own name. The company purchases raw materials and lumber and does all the building, assembly and finish work in their own facility. It really is a “soup to nuts” operation, where they handle all aspects of the guitar building process, leading to some quality guitars.

The Peerless Retromatic guitar

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AXL Marquee MJZ Guitar

- Reviewed by Kevin Williams

The term "budget friendly" is all too often a synonym for crap in the ocean of instrument choices but recently I came across a find that has me re-evaluating that mindset. For quite some time I have been on the lookout for a guitar I could commit to an open tuning in an effort to improve my embarrassing excuse for slide playing. The idea fueling the mindset was that if I left one axe dedicated to playing slide then I would do more of it, thereby improving my ability. So when the moment came that I saw a unique looking instrument (an appearance along the lines of a Fender Mustang or Jazzmaster) with P-90 pickups with a very affordable price tag I jumped at the opportunity to see if this instrument and I could make some music together.

Axl Marquee MJZ Electric Guitar

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Amplitube Orange amplifier collection

It’s well known that we are fans of IK Multimedia’s AmpliTube modeling software. With that said we were delighted to see that Amplitube is selling their beefy set of Orange amp and cab models as one package for AmpliTube. Orange amps are one of our favorites so we had to give some of the certified digital amp and cab models a try. Below you can listen to a couple samples we recorded, check out the settings we used inside the software, and view the press release. Enjoy!

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AmpliTube Guitar Custom Shop

IK Multimedia recently came to market with a new version of AmpliTube that includes the “Custom Shop”. The new 3.5 version of AmpliTube not only gives you guitar and bass players full access to the new Custom Shop but also offers some other cool features including 64-bit plug-in compatibility, an improved preset browser with full graphical display of the rig, 4,000 new "patch" slots that store controller information with the presets, improved integration with IK's range of controllers, improved MIDI control, "sequences" for organizing live playing presets and more.

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