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I just wanted to give the UberProAudio readers a quick review of a product called Drumdial Drum Tuner (aka The Drum Dial). If you are like me then you kind of suck at tuning a drumset. Your toms don't sound that good and you know that you don't have the skillz to make sure there is even tension across the head. If that sounds like you, then you have to get this tuner!

If you want more info or want to buy the drumdial, click on the image below: 

Drumdial Drum Tuner


Here's some info before I get into the details of my experience:

"With the Drumdial Drum Tuner, timpani, snare drums, rack toms, and bass drums are all easily tuned without even hitting the drumhead. DrumDial measures tympanic pressure, not tension-rod torque. As a drummer you'll appreciate how easily and accurately you can tune your drums with the Drumdial Drum Tuner."

I ordered the DrumDial From Musician's Friend because the local Guitar Center didn't have any in stock. The guitar center guy told me that everytime they get a shipment of these things in, the things fly off the shelves. At that point I was definitely craving one of these - at first I was worried it would be complicated or something, but it sounded like whatever the deal was, it was worth it.

I got the DrumDial the next week from Musician's Friend (came in perfect shape) and I opened the little box it is in. The box is small and carboard and it has foam inside of it that fits the DrumDial. The dial consists of this big gauge and there is this little metal piece you can attach that simply measures how far you are from the rim, to make sure you are measuring from the same distance at every lug.

All you basically do then is you slowly place the dial on the drum head wherever you want to measure the tension. You then decide what tension you'd like to tune to (there is a chart that has recommendations), and you go to each lug, turning the lug so that the drum dial displays that tension. It is REALLY easy.

So, I did this on a new snare drum head I just got, then decided I needed to do it on every drum in kit. My toms sound much better now!!! I'm psyched to get some more new heads down the road and use this thing - it is a great feeling to know that I actually can tune drums now!

If you guys want me to take any pictures of the dial etc, let me know.


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