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As you all know, we spend most of our time here at UberProAudio interviewing and researching musician’s rigs. Every so often we come across gear/products for musician’s that look cool and we’ll do a review. Recently we came across a cool company called MusicNomad that has just launched a whole product line of music equipment care products. The owner, Rand Rognlien, previously owned a successful car cleaning company, and has worked with other cleaning experts from around the world to create this new line of cleaning products for guitars, drums, and more. The cool new products weren’t the only thing to catch our eye – the fact that Rand puts in a lot of work to help out indie musician’s (through his website was very cool to us also. Checkout all the pictures and enjoy the review.

 MusicNomad equipment cleaning supplies

We received the whole product suite from MusicNomad, which contained 7 bottles of various cleaners. The cleaners we received and tested were: Acid Free Cymbal Cleaner, All Purpose Drum Detailer, All Purpose Amp and Case cleaner, All Purpose Guitar Detailer, Pro Strength Guitar Polish, Highest Grade Guitar Wax, and The Guitar One cleaner. Rather than go into details on what makes each cleaner special (and believe me, there are some sweet ingredients in these babies – great smell, acid free, no abrasives, oil free, etc…) you should checkout . We’ll discuss the fun stuff – how well the products work.

The first thing we decided to try was the Cymbal Cleaner and Drum Detailer. Luckily, there was a cymbal that was over 10 years old laying around that never had been cleaned. It was a damn mess. Checkout what the cymbal looked like before we cleaned it:

Dirty drum cymbal

Dirty Cymbal edge

Here is a picture of the cymbal mid-cleaning. Using the Cymbal Cleaner made for a dirty job, so be careful to choose a safe place to clean (away from fine fabric!)

Cymbal being cleaned

We used both the Cymbal Cleaner and the Drum Detailer product to clean the cymbal up. Here are the final results:

Cleaned cymbal

Cleaned drum cymbal

It took awhile to clean up this dirty cymbal, but the MusicNomad drum products did a great job getting the cymbal to presentable condition. We were very pleased with how the cymbal turned out.

For more details on the drum cleaning products click the pic below:

Music Nomad Premium Drum & Cymbal Care System

Next we tried out the All Purpose Amp and Case cleaner/conditioner.  An old Marshall combo was in the closet and seemed like a great candidate for some cleaning and conditioning.

Click the pic below for more details on the amp and case cleaner:

Music Nomad Amp & Case Cleaner & Conditioner

Older Marshall combo amp

After working some of the product into the top, you can see how the left side of the amp looked much nicer than the right side:

Top of amplifier

Amp top

The amp tolex looked great after the Amp & Case product was applied to it. It looked cleaner, darker, and newer.

Finally, we took an old Fender Squier P-Bass out of the closet. This bass just lays around and is hardly ever cleaned. We tried out the 4 guitar products on it (Guitar Detailer, Guitar Polish, Guitar Wax, and The Guitar One) on it, and had awesome results.

Click the pic below for more info on the guitar cleaning products:

Music Nomad The Ultimate Professional Grade 5-Piece Guitar Care Pack

Fender Bass

Horn of the bass

A clean bass


Bass horn cleaned

After using the products on the bass, it looked brand new and ready to be hung in a store. This is saying a lot for a bass that literally has sat around and gathered dust, sitting out for the last 14 years!

If you need to buy some equipment care products, we recommend definitely checking out the MusicNomad line for a few reasons. First off, they are a small company that cares about musicians and support Musician Advocacy with a portion of product proceeds. Second, their products worked awesomely and are made with quality and care, and fair pricing. What else could a musician ask for!

Visit for more info.

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