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AmpliTube Guitar Custom Shop

IK Multimedia recently came to market with a new version of AmpliTube that includes the “Custom Shop”. The new 3.5 version of AmpliTube not only gives you guitar and bass players full access to the new Custom Shop but also offers some other cool features including 64-bit plug-in compatibility, an improved preset browser with full graphical display of the rig, 4,000 new "patch" slots that store controller information with the presets, improved integration with IK's range of controllers, improved MIDI control, "sequences" for organizing live playing presets and more.

We’ve already reviewed AmpliTube 3.0, so I’ll touch on some of the cool things that the new 3.5 version has to offer. First off, there is a FREE version of 3.5. I downloaded and installed the free version without a hitch. It was really nice having a 64bit version of it for my Windows 7 system. The free version came with some sweet guitar/bass amp/cab models included. To be specific, there were 9 stomp boxes, 4 amplifiers, 5 cabinets, 3 microphones, 2 rack effects, and a digital tuner included.

I then tried out the Custom Shop. For any UberProAudio readers, the Custom Shop will make you feel like a kid in a candy store! Imagine going into your local Guitar Center, but it is all virtual. You can buy new virtual amp. cab, mic, rack and pedal models, including amps officially licensed by Orange, Fender, Soldano and more! I immediately bought an Orange AD30 head, Orange Rockerverb 50 head, and Fender Bassman 300 amp. I also bought some cabinets including two Orange cabs, a Fender 8x10 bass cab, and two Ampeg SVT cabs. You also can “try” any of the gear in the custom shop for two days. I tried out a bunch of different models for fun.

Here are a few pictures with audio samples from my testing.


Orange Rockerverb amp


Orange PPC 4x12 cabinet

Here is a sound clip. A custom Carvin California Double Cut guitar was used, direct through a Presonus MP20 preamp into an RME Multiface II.


Fender Princeton Reverb guitar amp


Here is the sound clip. A 90’s Wayne’s World Squire Strat (all American electronics) guitar was used.


Fender Bassman 300 bass amplifier


Fender Bassman 8x10 bass cabinet


Here is the sound clip. A Warwick Corvette Proline bass was used.


IK Multimedia is really breaking away from the pack with their latest AmpliTube offering. I’ve used many of the other simulations out there, and AmpliTube is easily my new favorite, offering the best sounds, options, and flexibility. With the new addition of the Custom Shop, I’m sold on the software and the direction the company is headed. It will be exciting to see what new products IK adds to the custom shop in the future.


Checkout the Amplitube Custom Shop for free at

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