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Check this section out for interviews with musicians, studio owners, recording engineers, producers, music store workers, band members, and more!

El Hefe - Aaron Abeyta - NOFX Guitar - Video Interview

El Hefe from NOFX sits down with Josh from UberProAudio and gives an amazing interview in August 2015. The guys chat about guitars, gear, and more!

Jared James Nichols Interview

Up and coming blues rock sensation Jared James Nichols is a young gun who has us really excited. The Wisconsin-born, Los Angeles-based singer, writer and guitarist's new EP Old Glory & The Wild Revival channels blues grit and gusto through bombastic arena-size rock 'n' roll. It's raw, raucous and righteously real and was recorded with engineer Warren Huart (Aerosmith). UberProAudio talked to Jared about the new album, his guitar gear, and more!

Jared James Nichols with guitar

Read more: Jared James Nichols Interview

Billy Talent - Ian D'SA - Video Interview

Checkout our first big Video Interview!!! UberProAudio interviewed Billy Talent's Ian D'SA in April 2013. We discuss the latest album, studio gear, live guitar gear, tour and more! Enjoy.

Checkout our Ian D'Sa guitar rig page for more gear details!

Heaven and Earth - Stuart Smith Interview

Fusing together elements of hard rock, blues and even bits of classical, Heaven & Earth create a potent blend of high-powered anthems, melodic rockers and introspective ballads that evoke the spirit of a magical era. Tapping into the methodology and madness of old-school rock with a new-school attitude, Heaven & Earth are shaking their classic rock roots down to the very core on their newest effort, Dig (Quarto Valley Records). UberProAudio had a chance to check in with the bands guitarist and founder Stuart Smith. We discuss the new album and all of Stuart’s guitar gear!

Heaven and Earth

Read more: Heaven and Earth - Stuart Smith Interview

Chris Squire of YES - 2013 Interview

Pioneers of prog Yes are prepping for a North American tour with the intent to perform three milestone albums from beginning to end—The Yes Album, Close to the Edge, and Going for the One - and we had a chance to rap with Chris Squire all about it.  For those of you looking for more specific details about Chris’ rig, these can be answered by visiting and you can find out how close they’ll be coming to you by heading over and checking the tour schedule.

Yes band

Read more: Chris Squire of YES - 2013 Interview

Rival Sons - Scott Holiday Interview

Rival Sons are a raucous, maximum-blues-infused, hard rock band, which explode with the rhythm and roughness of some of the greatest rock acts of all time. These guys have played shows with some of rocks greatest acts, like - AC/DC, Alice Cooper, Kid Rock and more. They also recently were awarded “Breakthrough Artist” at this years Classic Rock Awards show. UberProAudio had the chance to chat with guitarist Scott Holiday about the bands upcoming new album “Head Down” and all of his guitar gear!

Rival Sons band

Read more: Rival Sons - Scott Holiday Interview

Dusty Redmon from The Almost - 2012 Interview

Dusty Redmon, guitar player in the band The Almost, will always hold a special place in our hearts - back in 2009 he was the first pro guitar player that UberProAudio ever did an interview with. Now, 3 years later, we check in with Dusty to find out what guitar gear he has been using in his guitar rig, whether he got the gear on his wish list, and what he has been up to with his band.

Dusty Redmon playing guitar

Read more: Dusty Redmon from The Almost - 2012 Interview

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