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The Tama HP200 pedal is similar to the Iron Cobra but with less features. Developed with the same design concept as the Iron Cobra, the HP200 "Iron Cobra Jr." features the same offset Power Glide cam shape, beater angle adjustment and movable hoop clamp of the Iron Cobra line. A dual-sided beater (DS30) provides full volume and clear attack.

Before we look at some close up comparison pictures I took of the pedals, here's a couple pictures of the hard shell case that came with the Iron Cobra Pedal. According to the Tama site, it looks like the HP200B pedal may come with the same case (my older HP200 didn't have one though). Just to test, I stuck the HP200 in the Iron Cobra case and it fit perfectly.

Tama Iron Cobra Pedals

Tama Iron Cobra Pedals


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