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If you've been wondering what the differences are between Tama's Iron Cobra Power Glide kick drum pedal and the Tama HP200 Iron Cobra JR kick pedal, look no further. ÜberProAudio does a side by side comparison of both drum pedals for your viewing pleasure.

Tama Iron Cobra Pedals

Tama makes many kick drum pedals, but two of interest are the popular Iron Cobra Power Glide Pedal and it's "offspring" the HP200 Iron Cobra Jr. Pedal. Despite the fact that the Power Glide costs more than twice the price of the Iron Cobra Jr Pedal, there are many similarities between the two. At the time of this writing, the Power Glide can be purchased for around $150:

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Tama Iron Cobra Power Glide Single Pedal

And the HP200 is about $60:

Tama HP200 Iron Cobra Jr. Pedal with Footplate


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