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TOPIC: Sebastien Lefebvre - Simple Plan

Sebastien Lefebvre - Simple Plan 8 years 8 months ago #736

-ESP Eclipse (Red/Blue Sparkle) Used in first 3 music videos. Used before Framus.
-ESP Viper (Picture of him with one in A Big Package For You)
-Ibanez S Series Guitar (Used before and releases)
-Framus Panthera
-Framus Renegade
-Framus Tennesse
-Framus Mayfield
-Takamine Acoustics

-Framus Dragon (Head and Cab)
-Carvin Legacy (Head and Cab) Used before Framus. (:32)

-T Rex Replica
-T Rex Tremster
-T Rex Twister
-Boss CE-2 (Modified) Used before Twister

-D'Addario EPS 540 (Used Live and in studio for first 3 records)
-D'Addario EPS 590 (Used in studio for Get Your Heart On!)

-Orange Tortex (.60?)
-Yellow Tortex (.73?)
-Yellow Planet Waves (.73?)

All of his picks say "Who The **** Is Seb?"

-Planet Waves

All of this I know from the many years ive been a simple plan fan. anything without a link is something ive seen, but can not find on flickr, google, youtube, etc.
Hope this helps.

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Re: Sebastien Lefebvre - Simple Plan 8 years 8 months ago #737

to fix a typo for the ibanez s series guitar it was used before any releases, and i think they use the xl versions of the D'Addario strings, which are nickel instead of steel.

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