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TOPIC: Metal Marshall!

Metal Marshall! 7 years 4 months ago #844

Playing modern metal through a Marshall... Not a chance? Well, depends on the sound you're going for and what you really like. Of course, once again, guitar is about preference. Two bands that come to mind when I think of using Marshall amps for metal are Underoath and Make Me Famous. MMF doesn't even sound like they use them and Underoath's tone is just insane. Other bands who can pull off using Marshall for metal? What kind of metal tone is it?

Metal Marshall! 7 years 4 months ago #845

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Nice thread. A lot of bands use Marshall. Question is what do we consider modern metal? Avenged Sevenfold uses Marshalls.
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Metal Marshall! 7 years 3 months ago #850

Yeah, exactly. I guess time changes, drop tunings, breakdowns, and distorted screaming would be some characteristics. Anything not in the original heavy stuff, from the classic stuff to thrash. It's hard to explain, but I think it's easier to just say "Yeah, they're modern metal." Ya know? I personally love it when characteristics from both are combined, like what Norma Jean does, and August Burns Red, because they still solo but also have intense time changes, double bass, and breakdowns.

Metal Marshall! 7 years 3 weeks ago #872

There's so many metal bands that play Marshalls. One name drop is Mastodon, who play JCM 800s wiht a tube screamer. Probably one of the best metal tones I've heard. Plenty of stoner metal bands and sludge metal bands as well.

Metal Marshall! 5 years 5 months ago #949

I think anything can sound good.
Not that I'm calling Mars Volta metal, but Omar Rodriguez was at some point using a Vox and it sounded awesome. More important than trying to sound like a genre, is to identify yourself with a sound, be it usual in the style or not. It is the music you play that will catch peoples ears, and they will be the ones digging your sound after a while
The following user(s) said Thank You: christianmusician6131

Metal Marshall! 5 years 1 month ago #950

Yes! It's about the sound in your head. Be your own person and people with both associate you with that sound and there's nothing like having your own sound that you're proud of. You have to feel it and express it. If you like the way something sounds, play it or play through it. Don't let trends or people stop you. Anyway... most any music can be accomplished with most any guitar and amp, though some make it more attainable, but being your own musician is so important. You won't get anywhere trying to be someone else.
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