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Roger Mayer is the guy who has made guitar effects pedals for some of classic rock's legends. Mayer began making guitar effects in 1964 for Jimmy Page (of Led Zeplin). He went on to make effects for other rock gods like Jeff Beck, Big Jim Sullivan, and Jimi Hendrix. With a resume like this, you know you are in for a real treat with his Roger Mayer Red Lion Wah pedal upgrade kit.

Red Lion Wah Circuit 

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Bellari RP503 preamp channel strip 

The Bellari RP503 microphone preamp channel strip is low cost and surprisingly customizable. Just what we like... Read further to find out what gear modifications can be done to this unit.

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One of my favorite microphone preamps is the Presonus MP20. Not only is this a pretty mic preamp, it is relatively low-priced and can be modded to make it sound oh so hot!

 Presonus MP20 mic preamp

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