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Paul Mahon is the guitar player in the Irish hard rock band The Answer. The band has had a song in the Guitar Hero game and is really well known as the opening act for AC/DC's tour.

Let's take a look at some of the gear and equipment that has been seen in Paul's guitar rig.

Paul live on guitar

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- Gibson Les Paul Standard and Classic (2000) guitars

- Fender standard Telecaster (Hot Rails in bridge)

Fender American Professional Telecaster Rosewood Fingerboard Electric Guitar Sonic GraySeymour Duncan STHR-1 Tele Hot Rails Pickup

- Paul Reed Smiths (used in studio)

- Zemaitis guitars (used for slide)

- Gibson Les Paul Double Cutaway (previously used for slide)

- According to EMG site, H1A, H2, and an 85/60 Chrome set

- Marshall Vintage Modern 2266 and 2466 amplifier heads

- Marshall JTM45 (recording)

- Soldano, Ampeg, and Supro (used in some recordings)

- Marshall JCM2000 TSL (used on Rise album)

- Mesa-Boogie Dual Rectifier Mark II (used on Rise album)

- Marshall JCM 800 (used on Rise album)

- Vox AC30 (used on Rise album)

- Blackstar HT-DUAL and HT-DIST (as reported on Blackstar site in 2007)

Blackstar HT Series HT-DISTX Tube High Gain Distortion Guitar Effects Pedal

- Dunlop CryBaby Wah

- Boss Digital Delay pedals

- Love Tone pedals (Doppelganger and more)

- Power Bank AC/DC

- Boss TR-2 Tremelo

- Boss TU-2

- Boss Equalizer GE-7 pedal


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