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10 years 9 months ago - 10 years 9 months ago #896 by Tony Trout
My Rig was created by Tony Trout
Hey, ya'll!

I'm Tony Trout & I'm new here! I'm 37 y.o. & disabled with Cerebral Palsy & Hydrocephalus (since birth - but it's mild) and I play several different instruments:

Guitar: Acoustic/Electric; Bass; Slide; Lap Steel

I'm also a singer - with Elvis Presley being a huge influence on my singing. I have a lot of different guitarists who are my favorites but Marty Stuart & Clarence White & Brad Paisley are my top three favorites. My rig (of which I don't have a picture of on my computer, unfortunately) consists of the following:

MIM Fender Telecaster (very, very light strings and plays great, actually!)

Fender Reissue Paisley Telecaster With B/G StringBender & Keith Tuners on the "E" strings ala, Clarence White or Marty Stuart & D'Addario XL .009-.042

Fender '65 DRRI Amp

DigiTech GNX2 Multi-Effects Processor & Vox 847A Wah-Wah
& Also A Defunct (non-working) Dunlop GCB-95 CryBaby (which I wish I could get fixed!)

Anyway, that's me and my equipment! :) I was working in bands up until about a month ago (after about 14 years of doing the "band" thing) when my health would no longer allow me to do gigs so - I'm a stay-at-home musician.

Glad to be here, though!

Tony Trout

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