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11 years 1 week ago - 11 years 1 week ago #858 by HandsDown
My intro was created by HandsDown
Hello all, Hands Down coming at you from Lansdowne PA. Been playing for a while, mostly secular and with that word you can guess where I'm heading. Yes currently my skill set is at the call of a Praise and Worship band. My rig there is very modest. A Gecko5 Wide, into an SWR MoBass with MoControl. Rack gear is a two x 31 band graphic e.q., a Korg DTR-1 tuner and Samson power supply. My speakers are two 4x10 cabs. One is a sealed Sonic 4x10 and the other a rebuilt Peavey 4x10. I put new drivers in the Peavey cab with higher power ratings and accordingly I run the Peavey on the MoBass' "dry" side and run the Sonic on the "wet" side. I always get good feedback on the overall tone (I'm not running the MoBass bridged)when our team visits other churches and I drag along my whole setup. But I still play outside of church and then I carry "the other stuff". My pedalboard starts with a Seamoon funk machine v2 into a Chunk 00Funk v1, into a Rastop Bass Super Divider, into a Digitech bass driver, into a Hyper Phase, into a Dan Electro echo, into a Line 6 DM-4. Then using the loop in my SKB pedalboard I use either a Boss ME-6B or a Boss ME-8B and that all goes through a Boomerang v1. I play a lot of James Brown, Motown, at R&B hits with my outside the church family and I'm a huge fan of Bootsy Collins. I'm looking forward to gaining more knowledge about what the pros use and what they suggest about their gear and setups and finding out what the other forum members have to say about their experiences. I have two other basses as well, a Pan Alembic jazz bass and a bass I had built by Zolla guitars.

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