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Best overdrive pedal for the $?

Our buddy Miles has major G.A.S. over the Wampler Tumnus overdrive pedal. Could it be the best Klon-style OD pedal for the price? Check this pedal out!

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My Rig (as of April 26th, 2012) 11 years 1 month ago #786

Hi guys. Just felt like posting my gear. Any questions about anything at all, shoot em at me.

-1995 Godin G1000
-2009 Vineyard Telecaster copy
-1972 Harmony Sovereign acoustic/electric

-Blackstar Stage HT-60 2x12 combo
-Marshall MG30 (slightly older model)

-Visual Sound Son of Hyde distortion
-Joyo Ultimate Drive overdrive (OCD clone)
-Joyo California Sound amp modeler (Mesa MKII)

-Fender and PlanetWaves cables and accessories
-Lexicon Alpha audio interface
-Shure SM57
-Visual Sound 1Spot power supply
-Southeast-Asian-Made Kazoo
-Plastic Capo

Thanks for checking out my rig!

My Rig (Februrary, 2013) 10 years 3 months ago #842

Updated since April of last year:

ESP LTD Viper 400 w/ (soon to have DiMarzio Super Distortion in bridge)
Schecter C-1+ (soon to have a DiMarzio D-Sonic in bridge)
Vineyard telecaster copy w/ DiMarzio Chopper in the bridge
Homemade mahogany-strat type guitar (w/ HB-102s)

Pedals (I use in my rig, not listing some misc ODs):
Modtone tuner
Morley SP wah
Pigtronix Philosopher's Tone compressor
Lovepedal Gen5 Echo delay
Visual Sound Son of Hyde distortion

Blackstar HT-60 2x12 combo
Marshall MG30 (version from '09)

2009 MacBook running Lion 10.7.5
Logic Pro '09
Lexicon Alpha interface
Planet Waves cables

Promark drumsticks
Cleartone and Ernie Ball strings
Dunlop Jazz 3, Fender steel, and Planet Waves med picks

My Rig (November, 2013) 9 years 9 months ago #883

Update 11/2/13:

-Schecter C1+
-ESP LTD Viper 400
-Vineyard tele copy
-Schecter Elite 5 bass
-Seagull Excursion folk

Main pedals:

-Line 6 DL4
-Morley SP
-OCD copy
-Pigtronix Philosopher's Tone
-Lovepedal Gen5 echo

Main amp:

-Blackstar HT-60 combo (w/ Sovteks in the preamp)

My Rig (as of April 26th, 2012) 9 years 8 months ago #904

yard Telecaster copy
-1972 Harmony Sovereign acoustic/electric

-Blackstar Stage HT-60 2x12 combo
-Marshall MG30 (slightly older model)


My RIg UPDATED MAY 2015 8 years 3 weeks ago #951

HOW my rig has evolved:


1998 Fender Strat Deluxe Powerhouse w/Vintage Noiselss pups
1958 Rickenbacker lap steel
2009 Vineyard tele copy w/ DiMarzio Chopper in bridge
2013 Seagull Excursion folk acoustic


Classic Crybaby
Way Huge Green Rhino
Modtone tuner
Black Cat Mini Trem #420
Lovepedal Gen5 Echo analog tape delay
ProCo Rat 2


1990s Fender Blues Deluxe "Rivera era"
Orange Micro Terror head
2009 Marshall MG30
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