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Re:My Rig 13 years 7 months ago #436


I've come a looonngg way! :D
I'm gonna try and find more time to hang around here.

-MIM Fender Fat Strat HH Deluxe [Black]
-MIM Fender Standard Tele [White]

-Stargazer FX "Mondo Mouse" [Fully reconstructed Rat, with much more control and variety; plus the LM308 chip]
-Stargazer FX Custom Footswitch [TB FX Loop, Channel switch, and reverb bypass]
-Boss DD-20 Giga Delay [Sometimes substituted with a Stargazer FX Custom-created Delay]
-Stargazer FX Modded EHX Small Clone [Boss-style adapter, Hyper Speed switch, Chorus/vibrato switch, Depth control, Width switch, Purple LED]
-Boss RC-2 Loop Station [for jamming and fun, not used live]

-Fender Hot Rod Deluxe [Stock with Spidey Stomp Volume Box in the FX Loop as true master volume]
-Stargazer FX [extensively] Modded Blues Junior [Vintage Fender Blackface Deluxe-voiced; Celestion G-12HT 100 speaker; Mid-boost/"Thick" switch; Full presence; Ruby reverb tank; outputs for custom footswitch, for channel switching while retaining Class-A amp qualities; Reverb Bypass; and TB Fx Loop.]

If you haven't caught on yet; Stargazer FX is my new little company I run. :)I'd be happy to take care of all of your stompbox mods. For some previews of my services check out the site!


Music: (most using older rigs)


Contacting me:


Re:My Rig 13 years 7 months ago #437

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Nice man! When did you get into all the electronics stuff? You should be writing articles for the "mod" section of the site.... ;)That's a section we started off a long time back, and have been meaning to get going at some point.

Re:My Rig 13 years 7 months ago #438

A little after I left here for a while to delve into my school studies, I got tired of the stock SD-1 sound. Changed it around and got myself into a huge mess of modding pedals for tons of other people. I have a site now where I advertise and show some of my past journeys. I wouldnt mind sharing some of my knowledge on here. :D

Send me an email or something and Ill come up with a few topics over the weekend. Ive been spending alot of time on GuitarGeek and maybe if I can spread the love and news about this place over there a little bit, we can become more popular and recognized. The site's great!

Ill be at the beach, working on electronics :)so I should be able to find some time for typing as well.
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