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My Rig 14 years 9 months ago #178

The signal path is constantly changing.

The Family:
"Caitlyn" Black Fender Deluxe Series Strat HH (Stock)
"Emily" Customized S101 LP
Epiphone AJSCE-200 (Stock)

Distant Relatives:
Brownsville Stock SG Copy
S101 Custom Wired SG Copy
First Act Stock Bass
S101 Strat (Customized)
Fender Stock Banjo (from Nashville's Guitarcenter)
No-Name Vintage Violin Bass Copy
Brownsville Tele HH (Custom Wired) Copy
Carlo Robelli Black Dreadnought 12-string
Truetone Vintage Jazz Box Acoustic
Ibanez Acoustic AE series (my dad's)
Samich Greg Bennett Acoustic (love the piezo on it, great for recording)

Digitech RP80
Homemade "Spidey Stomp" Volume Box
Digitech Grunge
Boss DD-20
boss BF-3
Boss DS-1
Boss CS-3
Boss MT-2
Boss AC-3
Dunlop Classic Crybaby Wah (Red Fasel Wah Inductor)
Rocktron Banshee Talkbox
Old, rusted MCS 2 channel EQ (f***ed up, but sounds good)
Morley ABY
a totally dismembered Fab Flange (no shell, justthe guts left of it)

The Wall:
Vox AD30VT
Marshall MG100HDFX
Marshall MG412 Cab
(the cab they sit on is just to keep them off the ground)

In The Pile:
First Act 10 Watt amp (converted into head built into cab)
*used only for Fuzz purposes (the speaker in the cab has been slit by a razorblade as an honor to harsh fuzz and the kinks; can get that great bassman blasting sound)
Behringer 90 watt bass amo (for bass only)
Fender Mini tonemaster

all amps, cabs, and pedals are stock. except DS-1, i changed the switch to a Radioshack momentary switch spst. has a bit more treble and bite to it (never leaves my board)

the vox is miked with a senneheiser 835 vocal mic at a weird angle. (didnt have a stand so i just snuck it onto it)

the MG's cab is miked with a Shure SM57 at a more common angle on the top right speaker.

tons of fun has been had with blending the overdriven amp and clean amp combinations with the mixer.

The mics from the amps run into the mixer and run into my pc and i record, edit, and maim them in audacity.

for fun and modeling purposes, i have a Line6 Toneport UX2. (the headphone out goes into the mixer to record into audacity)

my mixer is a Samson MDR 1064.

Caitlyn was my most expensive and she can do some amazing things. she's stayed stock and is perfect the way she is, and is never gonna change; I love her just like the one and only woman in my life that she was named after. (Fender Pure Nickel Wound .10's)

Emily was my first electric. full black and boring. over about two years, ive dismembered and violated (messed up) her in so many ways, its hard to remember some of them. the result was this angry (almost bitchy) guitar with alot of bite (an honor to who it was named for). i did a "poor man's scallop" of the last 10 frets. the kiss my ax was the first mod i ever did (walmart stickers). all thats in her is a Seymour duncan Phat Cat, a Gibson 500 K pot (both from Nashville GC) (Ernie Ball Rock and Rolls .10's)

Sebastian was won off of eBay for $98. I used a left over neck pickup from Emily as
sebastian's bridge p'up and the neck and middle are dragonfires (also from ebay ~$45). i sanded the neck lightly, lowered the action; still a bit of a strugle to handle the neck (had to sand the allen wrench to make it fit), and removed the tremolo cover. (Ernie Ball Rock and Rolls .10's)

The Epiphone is my little devil. brass bridgepins are the only thing not stock. great sound unplugged/mic'd, the only complaint is the piezo dont really like it, but i have the Samich for that. (D'addrio's EJ16 light phosporous bronze .10's)

I think I've said about all I can, anything i missed can be seen in the pics.


Re:My Rig 14 years 9 months ago #179

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Hell yeah dude. Nice writeup! One of the most through I've seen. So what do you have in your wishlist? Anything you are dying to get next?

Re:My Rig 14 years 9 months ago #180

well, i try to appreiciate what i have, but GAS will kick my ass every now and then. honestly, i dont need anything more, i have about every option possible here. just a matter of recording and finding that one set signal path that always works.

the one thing that i can stop thinking about is a new multi-fx pedal. i dont use effects as a crutch, but i love them. they take me to that next dimension that i love so damn much. i was looking around to find a Yamaha Magicstomp, but theyre almost impossible (some very cool unique effects on it); also looking at the Line 6 Verbzilla, almost exclusively for the Octo and huge reverbs (cuz im into that sorta thing every now and then); the multi-fx i was lookin at was the Korg AX3000G, its got ALOT of options, and i love me some versatility and choices.

ill keep the thread updated

Re:My Rig 14 years 9 months ago #181

well, after a little bit of experimenting, ive found a sound im pretty happy with.

ive found ways to do amazing things with the dd20. i made a small list of all the options, and ill make a video soon to upload on here (exclusive!!!)

among the effects i can make with the dd20 that ive just found,i dont need any other effect as far as modulation, weirdness, or delay goes.

the one thing i am looking at is a more natural smooth overdrive to replace my ds-1.

ive had my eyes on a few things (some arent exactly what im looking for but have considered):

Barber Tone Press (i like the idea and sound of the parallel compresor, and can be used as clean boost; thats pretty much what i need)

Barber Direct Drive (i like the sound, but the only issue is if it will be smooth enough; i think it will, but im not 10000% sure)

Boss OD-3 (first to stick out in my mind, most readily available and most likely)

Boss SD-1 (probably has to much mids, and may be out of the question)

Boss BD-2 (don't really like it, too thin and an almost "wiry, stringy" sort of breakup; not smooth to my ears at all)

Catalinbread Hyper Pak (small and one of the more expensive pedals, but the sound is well worth it)

Fulltone OCD (love how the pedal sounds, the harmonic overtones...; only issue is if it has too much brightness, but id use the high pass filter and tone control along with gtr's vol knob to work around that)

MI Audio Crunchbox (love the way the tone rolls off the highs and leaves mids and bass intact; but like the direct drive, may be too crunchy and jagged to be smooth enough)

MXR Dist+ (the idea of it is great, but the sound isnt the same to my ears as alot of other peoples's; it hits the top end too much and doesnt drive the lower and middle frequencies the way i would prefer it to. same thing goes for MXR Micro Amp and DOD 250)

Xotic BB Preamp (functinos a bit more as a distortion than overdrive, but the way it handles single coils and bass character of tone is awesome)

Xotic AC Booster (very clean boost, like a clean tube amp with a master volume to help out with that beautiful breakup)

Xotic RC Booster (almost the middle child of the 3; can be clean, but can cause some great overdrive)

ZVEX Box Of Rock (zach did a great job on the marshall sound! very much like the amplifier cranked as he modeled it after, might be too dirty for my needs though; then again, i have the gtr's vol knob to roll off some gain)

ZVEX Fuzz Factory (hmmm... this pedal really intrigues me; it can be a great wall of fuzz sound and can be a strong overdrive with a tidbit of ditortino mixed into the overdrive. can also sputter and get some crazy osscillating sounds)

as you can see i have some deciding on my hands, and those arent all of the ones ive been looking at, just a few.

i can definitely see some havoc in the thought of my dedicated "fuzz amp" (first act w/ slashed speaker) along with the fuzz factory... seems dangerous a bit to me, might have to do it.

i wish i could find a way to hear some demos and get an opinion on the Carl Martin AC Tone pedal or the Plexi tone, that would be awesome.

Re:My Rig 14 years 9 months ago #182

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Check this out dude: {youtube}bhX79pHK0zg{/youtube}

Re:My Rig 14 years 9 months ago #185

i saw that video 5 minutes after i posted that last post.

i went to a local store and compared a boss sd-1 to a maxon od-9 and ended up with the sd-1.

Re:My Rig 14 years 9 months ago #186

Re:My Rig 14 years 9 months ago #187

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Hey dude. the soundlick link doesn't seem to go to the right place for me. Is that the actual link, or is there a typo there?

Nice Rig by the way. It is looking good!

Re:My Rig 14 years 9 months ago #188


Re:My Rig 14 years 8 months ago #189

after tons of work. i have perfected everything! (and ill actually have everything soon)


Caitlyn - Fender Strat HH

KarrahBear - Squier Tele (modded)

Epiphone Acoustic/Electric AJSCE-200

Samich Acoustic/Electric Greg Bennett Sig Model


Morley A/B/Y

Boss SD-1

Marshall GV-2

Digitech RP80

Boss DD-20

GR3 Kontroller Floorboard


Vox AD30VT

Marshall MG100HDFX


Marshall MG412

MCS Series (home audio speaker cab)

PC software/plugin/interfaces:

Line 6 UX2

Guitar Rig 3

Mixing/Recording Equipment:

Tascam Digital Portastudio

Samson Mixer

Diagram for it all:

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