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Texas In July Gear

11 years 5 months ago #835 by xxKurtxx
Texas In July Gear was created by xxKurtxx
Texas In July is a metalcore band from Ephrata, PA. They are known for their crazy offbeat breakdowns, elaborate shredding, and ridiculously talented drummer. Here is their gear, according to the band's tumblr:


Guitars- LTD EC1000 in White, LTD H1001 in Black.

Pedals- Ibanez TS-808 Tube Screamer, Boss NS-2 noise suppressor

Rack gear- Peavey 6505+ head, and then some sort of rack tuner, and rack compressor/gate

Cab-Mesa Rectifier 4x12 straight cab.


Guitars- LTD H1001 in Red, LTD MH1000 w/ Floyd Rose tremolo I believe…in Black

Pedals- Boss TU2, Boss NS2, Ibanez TS808, Line 6 DL4 (the big green delay pedal!)

Rack gear- Peavey JSX head

Cab- Peavey JSX straight 4x12 cab

Also, Ben plays an Ampeg 8x10 cab with a classic gray grill, I know there’s some name for it but I forget!

LIVE can be different as far as cabs go, it all depends on the backline we are sharing with the tour. We were lucky enough to use The Word Alive’s Orange cabs every night for the Motel 6 Rock Yourself To Sleep Tour! And on the For Today Canadian run we did, sometimes we would use For Today’s backline of ALL Mesa cabs (even for bass), sometimes it would be our Ampg 8x10 bass cab, Stray From The Path’s sweeeet vintage Mesa 4x12 (brown tolex w/ tweed grill, so sick!) and Structures straight black Mesa 4x12.

taken from

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11 years 5 months ago #836 by xxKurtxx
Replied by xxKurtxx on topic Texas In July Gear

Their guitarist Chris recently switched to a Fujigen JMY-R guitar. Also, in most of their live photos, they use Peavey 5150s with Mesa Cabs, not 6505s.

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11 years 4 months ago #846 by Jacob123
Replied by Jacob123 on topic Texas In July Gear
Also to add, string wise Texas In July use D'addario EJ22 13-56 strings (I know, nuts!)... they posted a photo of their strings (see bottom), but to know for sure I asked on Twitter and they clarified they use that gauge :)

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11 years 4 months ago #847 by uberpro
Replied by uberpro on topic Texas In July Gear
Thanks guys, we'll get one of their rigs up soon.

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