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The Digital Age (band)

11 years 11 months ago - 11 years 11 months ago #785 by christianmusician6131
To make a long story short, the David Crowder Band split up, but some members decided to create a new band, they call The Digital Age. The members are: Mark, Mike D, Bwack, and Jack. They just became a band not too long ago, and they're just getting started in their new studio, Asterisk Sound. Here is some of the gear they're rocking:

-PRS (various, ei Mira)
-Rickbacker 360(?)
-Fender Stratocaster
-Unidentified acoustic guitars

-Fender Jazz Basses

-Bad Cat Amps
-Dr. Z Amps
-Fender Princeton
-Vox Handwired AC30 head

-Risen Drums
-Sabian Cymbals

-Vintage Fender Rhodes piano
-other keyboards and pianos, some vintage

I will update this with pedals and possibly more studio stuff in the future. Thanks for checking it out!

UPDATE! As of 5/7/12:

-Boss Giga Delay
-Line 6 DL4

-M-Audio midi controller
-unidentified organ

-Mac desktop computers

Frank Amato
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