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Falling In Reverse

12 years 7 months ago - 12 years 6 months ago #754 by xxKurtxx
Falling In Reverse was created by xxKurtxx
Former Escape the Fate vocalist Ronnie Radke's band has an interesting sound influenced by pop-punk, shred, and hardcore. Their guitarist is really talented. Here's their music vid:

Their lead guitarist plays a Jackson Dinky with a reverse headstock. It has open coil pickups and the fret markings face downwards, so I think its just a cheap JS22R Dinky.

Their rythm guitarist plays a Charvel Desolation single cutaway with a fixed bridge.

Both use EVH 5150 amps with matching EVH cabs.

Their Bassist plays a Music Man Stingray HH. You can't really see his amp, but he has a Mesa Boogie Cab.

That's just the gear from the vid. They have a pic on wikipedia and a couple vids performing. They have different, higher quality guitars and Marshall and Ampeg cabs for guitar and bass.
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