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Our buddy Miles has major G.A.S. over the Wampler Tumnus overdrive pedal. Could it be the best Klon-style OD pedal for the price? Check this pedal out!

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zack lopez of middle class rut

12 years 7 months ago #753 by musicislife4567
this is all i know

les paul jr. (1 tv yellow)(1 white)

marshall jmp-1 preamp (x2)
marshall 9200 power amp
marshall cabs
ampeg cabs

digitech whammy (painted yellow)
ehx POG
boss dd-3 delay(x2)
boss ph-3 phaser
boss rc-50 looper
boss tu-2 tuner
ehx pog2
mxr bass d.i.+

heres the good junk (the white lp jr.) (all the other stuff)

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