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Gibson has finally done it! The legendary Gibson Greeny Les Paul has been released in both Standard and Custom Shop versions. Check this beauty out NOW before it sells out!!

Gibson Greeny Les Paul Standard Electric Guitar

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sameer of flyleaf

13 years 8 months ago - 13 years 8 months ago #623 by musicislife4567
PRS guitars
theres also a couple pics of him playing a white les paul

marshall silver jubilee
marshall cabs

line 6 dl4
boss dd-3 delay (2)
boss ph-3 phaser
ibanez sonic distortion
boss ch-1 chorus
boss tu-2 tuner
tortuga effects neptune vibe
ernie ball volume pedal

you can also hear a digitech whammy pedal on again, although i can't find anything stating he uses one, he also uses a violin bow to play

heres my sources

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13 years 7 months ago #624 by uberpro
Replied by uberpro on topic Re:sameer of flyleaf
That rig is way old (6 years), so I decided to investigate more. Here are some pictures and info that give some hints as to the newer rig:

That Gibson Les Paul appears to be a white Les Paul Studio.

He now uses a Voodoo Lab Ground Control and Ernie Ball volume pedal

Playing a PRS Mira guitar

PRS hollowbody guitar

Orange guitar, Marshall half stack, and Vox AC30, in 2007

A big pedalboard and Diezel cabs in 2007

Another PRS guitar

Anyone have some info regarding what pedals the Ground Control is controlling?

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13 years 7 months ago #625 by musicislife4567
okay for the pedals i can make out some of them

line 6 dl4
boss delay
boss flanger bf-2
boss ds-1
visual sound liquid chorus
ibanez ts-808
digitech whammy
boss tuner

thats all i can really tell for sure

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