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Black Dahlia Murder Gear Research

14 years 2 months ago #538 by uberpro
Hey all. Some readers wanted to put together a list of Black Dahlia Murder's guitar gear. Here are some pics/info to start it off.

Ibanez and Amp
In the above pic, there is a red Ibanez guitar, Peavey 5150 head and Mesa Boogie 4x12 cabinets.

Mesa and Marshall
Above pic appears to have a Mesa Boogie head on a Marshall 4x12 cab

Pedals in the background
In the above pic, you can see a few pedals. Two Boss pedals and one that might be an MXR perhaps.

Here's a slightly older pic - different guitar player Note the Egnater amp head and the Mesa head.

Peavey 6505
Peavey 6505 amp head

Peavey 6505 on Mesa cab

Another view of the 6505

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