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Kasabian and Editors 13 years 3 days ago #435


I love serge pizzorno and chris urbanowicz

I can't find anything on their gear (except their guitars)

If someone can find anything on the effects they use(pedalboard/rack)and amps
that would be awesome.

I've been searching for a while, so maybe this is a challenge ;)


Re:Kasabian and Editors 12 years 11 months ago #439

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I was at glasto two years ago and was standing next to editors guitarist for a while. Then I was lucky enough to watch them from the side of the stage.
As far as I can remember there was a line 6 DL4 on his board which provided the bulk of the classic delayed sounds for which they're known. The rest of the stuff looked like boss gear. Im pretty sure he was running a vox ac30 but not entirely sure.

Serge is a little trickier as he seems to use loads of pedals on an album but not so many live I gather. Theres a few pics on the Kasabian forum and the boards are huge (though it could be two boards). A brief list of what I can decipher:
Boss TR2, Boss tuner, EHX Holy Grail, possibly a bbe two timer, ehx microsynth, ehx pog, ehx deluxe memory man, crybaby wah, some kind of roger mayer pedal - possibly a voodoo vibe, boss ds1, ehx big muff pi with wicker, ehx octave multiplexer and another microsynth. The amp is marshall but I can't see what model. Hope that helps

Re:Kasabian and Editors 12 years 11 months ago #441

Wow, thx man.

Great stuff
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