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Chuck Schuldiner of Death

14 years 11 months ago #359 by psychoskin65
Anyone know what Chuck played, what i've got so far is that he used BC Rich guitars with only one dimarzio X2N pickup in the bridge and Marshall Amps. anyone know more?

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14 years 11 months ago #360 by uberpro
Hi psychoskin65,

Check out this thread on our forum. Some guys have worked a bit on this already.

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14 years 9 months ago #418 by cHIZZX00
if it helps, i believe he also used to wind his strings backwards...

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14 years 8 months ago #440 by uberpro
Chuck's wife asked us if we'd post this press release. Here it is!

Press Release:

Well, the day is FINALLY here and the Giveaway & Member Site is
Officially "open" and on-line: . This
project was originally intended to be a "Contest", however, trying to
comply with all of the different laws of so many different Countries,
regarding Contests, was virtually impossible OR we would have had to
exclude certain Countries. Rather, we made the site a Membership
site, the same cost as the original "Contest entry", $25 US dollars.
With this Membership, Members (Fans & Friends) will receive a
Commemorative T-shirt especially designed for Members ONLY & the
Project this site supports; getting the last work out of Chuck/Control
Denied, Richard Christy-Drums, Steve Digorgio-Base, Shannon
Hamm-Guitar & Tim Aymar-Vocals. After a Member joins, they will be
automatically be directed to the Official Essay Page, where they can
write & submit their Essay with the theme of "What Chuck's Music meant
to me". The Winners of the Giveaway prizes will be announced on
December 13, 2009. (items on web site).

I want to take this opportunity to thank ALL of the Friends and Fans
for their constant commitment and dedication to
Chuck's/Death's/Control Denied's Music. I especially want to
personally thank all of you, who throughout the years, have lent words
of kindness, compassion and many stories to our Mother, Jane. You
have no idea how very much each and every one of you have meant to her
over the years; you made a real difference.

Well, lets get this thing going, kick butt and "Keep the Metal Flowing".

GREAT luck to ALL of you!!!

Beth Schuldiner

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