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30 Seconds To Mars

15 years 3 days ago #339 by TOMC
30 Seconds To Mars was created by TOMC
so far all i can make out for both jared and tomo from 30 seconds to mars is:

Both- Mesa Boogie Rectifiers (dual or triple)
Marshall cabs (vintage poss 1960tv?)

no idea on effects pedals though!

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15 years 3 days ago #341 by uberpro
Replied by uberpro on topic Re:30 Seconds To Mars
Alrighty. Here's some more info to add.

Photo 1

In the above picture, we can see that there is probably a Boss Tu-2 tuner near the mic stand, and then in the backline there is the Mesa head and Marshall cab you mentioned, but there is also a Vox AC30 amp there too.

A slightly older picture

The above pic gives us a shot of a rack. We can easily see that there is a Line 6 Pod rack in there. Maybe this is where the effects are coming from.

Another rack and amp shot
Above is another pic of the rack and amps.

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13 years 8 months ago #621 by NAD
Replied by NAD on topic Re:30 Seconds To Mars

That link says that Tomo use Budda amps, its a big long article though, so it says somewhere near the end.

This is a link to a forum that has some guys discussing what they are pretty sure is the gear that they use.

It says that they use McSwain guitars, customs, w/ seymour duncan pickups. They think they're like Jb or Duncan Distortion.

It also says something about Boss delay, chorus, tuner, a Roland Space echo and vox amps. I've never heard that they use Vox amps, but who knows.

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12 years 10 months ago #726 by ME-30maniac
Replied by ME-30maniac on topic Re: 30 Seconds To Mars
a look into tomo's guitar rig

sorry if it's not clear but some of the pedals here is recognizable. i hope this photo help.

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