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James Smith Underoath Guitar Rig

15 years 4 months ago #272 by uberpro
Hi all. Someone asked me what James Smith from Underoath uses for gear. I searched through about 600 pictures, 5 videos, and various articles, and this seems to be a hard one.

On the Underoath site, James says: "I play a fender telecaster into a orange ad140 twin channel amp head through a orange 4x12 cabinet. I use monster cables and a boss pedal tuner. Its pretty simple just turn up loud and rock! "

However, in the pictures of him live, he is playing a Les Paul more recently, and he is standing in front of a pedallboard in a few pictures, which leads me to believe he uses more than a TU-2 tuner.

Check this stuff out:
Here's a picture of James (I think) in front of a pedalboard that has what looks like a Line 6 DL4, a Ibanez Tube Screamer, and a Volume pedal:

Is this his pedalboard?

Here's one of him with a les paul:
Les Paul pic

Here is a pic of the band and you can see pedalbaords kind of:
band and gear

Here he is in front of another pedalboard:

Here's an older pic in which he has a 52' looking butterscotch tele (also can see the orange amps):
tele and james

Here is a recent pic of the band's gear. Hard to tell, but looks like maybe James has a pedalboard way back right:
band stage

So that is what I have. We really need someone to go to a show and tell us what the deal is.


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15 years 4 months ago #273 by Manel
Guys i've seen that on Underoath's website too but i'm pretty sure James uses more than a tele and an amp, in the 1st pic (it's his pedalboard for sure cause it is on the right) ( ) there are: a MXR GT-OD, a Line 6 DL4, probably a ernie ball junior volume pedal, and maybe a MXR phase 90 or 100 (that orange thing i'm pretty sure is not the amp switch 'cause the orange amps switch are grey); in the 2nd picture the LP has been modified for sure 'cause it has two volume knobs and only one tone knob, and in the place of the neck tone there is the pickup switch that he doesnt need 'cause the guitar has only the bridge pickup; in the 3rd pick there is a big muff, 2 boss pedals (probably NS-2 and TU-2), and a volume pedal;in the 4th pic (it's his pedalboard for shure cause it is on the right again xD); in the 6th pic the pedalboard we can see is Tim's one, but James amp seems like a marshall plexi or something (on the right) and there is a LP near his amp; i'm gonna watch my dvd (survive, kaleidoscope) but i think i can only see Tim's pedalboard, thanks guys.

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15 years 4 days ago #338 by jackxx
hi there. i went to see underOATH last night and there where no les pauls used. james was using a 'first act' guitar (like the les paul in the way that he had ripped out the neck Pickup)

hope that helped. jackxx

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14 years 4 months ago #487 by hoppps
That's funny, because all he was playing with at the Douglasville show was his gibson!

I'm uploading videos of the concert (in which you can see and help me determine his amp and head...its a pretty big marshall...which is missing the two l's.) as well as the video with his pedal board. I'll post back when I get it up on youtube.

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14 years 4 months ago #491 by hoppps

The pedal board at 1:37 is james', and the one after that is Tim's.

This is what I can see Jame's has:
Ernie Ball VP JR.
Ibanez TS9 (original)
Boss Chromatic Tuner
Line 6 DL4
MXR M-102 Compressor (I believe. I'm partly colorblind, so a lot of colors are hard for me to see. I think it's a red pedal.)
Boss NS-2

If you guys can see anything else I can't, feel free to correct me! I am 150% sure that he is playing with an Ernie Ball VP JR. Pedal, because I was looking at it atop a speaker the whole night.

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14 years 4 months ago #493 by uberpro
The James Smith rig article is almost done. An interesting observation. Check out his amps:

Amps 1

Amps 2

Amps 3

Amps 4

It looks like he is using a Marshall JMP head through a Marshall 8x10 cabinet. That's different!

Also, nice job hoppps on collecting the pedal info. One change - that is a TS808 instead of a TS9.

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