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Mark Knopfler 15 years 4 months ago #150

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Here's a challenge. Flesh out mark's rig. A lot of people want to know it. It will take some research.

Re:Mark Knopfler 15 years 4 months ago #159

I'll have a go at it!

Guitars (from his wiki article:

Artist Series Fender Stratocaster (found on the Fender website:
Fender Stratocasters including a 1954 (one of the first ever produced) which he has named "Jurassic Strat"
Fender Telecasters
Gibson Les Pauls
Danelectro 59-DCs
Pensa Custom custom-built solid body guitars. Also models MK-1 MK-2 & MK-80, which Pensa named in honor of Knopfler.
Various Schecter Guitars.
National Style 0 Resonator guitar(dobro) , as used on "Romeo and Juliet".
Ramirez Spanish Guitar, used on "Postcard from Paraguay"

Note: his first guitar was a Hofner V-2 he bought in 1964.


He uses some kind of vintage marshall cabs in this pic.

Here's a pic with a better shot in this forum:


It seems he used Marshall cabs with Reinhardt heads.

That's all I could find in my first search. I'll add more gear to the list as I discover it.

Re:Mark Knopfler 15 years 1 month ago #198

Re:Mark Knopfler 15 years 1 month ago #199

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Thanks Kenny and welcome to the forum. Those pics confirm what TheBiz found via his research - excellent. Do you have any other info on Knopfler's rig?

Also, do you happen to own those pics and can give permission to use them, or are they from someplace else (and just good for us to use for research)?

Thanks! If you have a chance, post your personal rig over in our section on the forum for user rigs.

Re:Mark Knopfler 15 years 1 month ago #200

Thanks for the warm welcome.

Mark is using a pair of Reinhardt 'Storm' heads. I'm not sure of what he's using for speakers in those Marshall 4x12 cabs.

You can read the specs on the head here: www.reinhardtamps.com/files/Storm.html

The pics belong to Bob Reinhardt, so I'll let him answer that question.

Bob is a personal friend of mine, as well as a member on my forum www.kennyf.com/thecrossroadz . He is one of the nicest people I've ever known, so feel free to c'mon over and ask what you wish. Or better yet, just pick up the phone and give him a call.

Here are a few pics of Mark and Bob.


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