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Posted - Shadows Fall Artists' Gear

16 years 1 month ago - 15 years 10 months ago #13 by cHIZZX00
i fugure, why not have a thread for people to post info about someone's gear that's not already on the site. i'll start with some info on the guys from shadows fall (taken from the gear section on their website)

Guitars - Ibanez SZ, IBANEZ SZ320MH, IBANEZ SC420, Ovation 1778 LX Elite Acoustic-Electric Guitar
Amps - Krank Krankenstein Dimebag Darrell Signature Head Krank Chadwick heads with Krank Krankenstein 4X12" cabs
Pedals - MAXON OD808 Overdrive Boss Noise suppressor
Picks - Dunlop 1.00 mm
Strings - DR Extra Life 11 to 50 gauge strings
Pick ups - EMG 81 EMG 60
Cables-Planet Waves
BBE sonic Maximizer
Dimarzio Straps
Calzone Road Cases
Sennheiser G2 Wireless
Rocktron gainiac 2
Rocktron hush super c
Rocktron xpression

Bass - Ibanez SRX basses
Shure ULX wireless
Korg rack tuner
Tech 21 Sans Amp RBI preamp
Tech 21 Landmark 600 bass amp
RNC compressor
Tech 21 Sans Amp Bass Driver DI pedal
Ampeg SVT 3 pro bass amp
2 Tech 21 4x10 speaker cabs
Ampeg 8x10 speaker cab

TAMA STARCLASSIC MAPLE Custom "Diamond Mist" Finish
Toms 9"x10", 10"x12", 12"x14" 13x16", 16x18"
Kicks (2) 18"x22"
Snare 4"x14" bronze (main) or 5"x14" Tama Brass "Stewart Copeland" model (back-up)
All Tama hardware monuted on a TAMA rack system
Tama CAMCO pedals

19" Soundcaster Crash
8" Byzance brilliant splash
10" raker splash
14" SC powerful soundwave hi-hats
18" Byzance brilliant china
17" SC power crash
8" raker splash
18" SC powercrash
17" AMUN powercrash
20" AMUN powerful big-bell ride
13" AMUN medium sounwave hi-hats (closed on X-hat)
8" classics ice bell
18" AMUN china
16" SC china

Pro-Mark signature 5B Nylon tip w/stick wrap

Evans G2's on toms (top) G1's on toms (bottom)
Powercenter reverse dot (snare)
EQ 3 on kick drums
HEADFIRST Shadows Fall logo heads on BD fronts

Red Bull, Flex-all, and sports tape (for fingers)
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16 years 1 month ago #33 by uberpro
Replied by uberpro on topic Re:Artists' Gear
All of Shadows Fall musicians have been added to the live site. :)

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16 years 1 month ago #47 by cHIZZX00
Replied by cHIZZX00 on topic Re:Artists' Gear
sweet! awsome!

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