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Guitar Talk

Rig set up query!

14 years 3 months ago #543 by Petesellers
Hey guys,

Just got a quick query about my Intersound IVP preamp and how in the most effect way I should set it up.

1. Would you suggest I run the IVP through-> a power amplifier before running it through-> a cabinet??

2. Also, any ideas on decent/good 'signal splitter boxes'?, as I also run a few pedals (separately to the above IVP/power amp/cab set up) through a JCM 800 head->4X12 cab

3. Would it be advised to get a DI box for the IVP set up to run to the PA mixer board??

Thanks for you suggestions and help!


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12 years 9 months ago #741 by jo2010
Replied by jo2010 on topic Re: Rig set up query!
run it into a power amp then into a monitor or cab. it will get you a good tone.

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