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Eric Lambert is a guitar player in the band Bless The Fall.

Let's take a look at some of the gear and equipment that has been seen in Eric's guitar rig.

Eric playing guitar on stage

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- Gibson Les Paul Silverburst Studio (also been seen with a LP custom silverburst)

Gibson Custom Limited-Edition Les Paul Custom Electric Guitar Silverburst

- Gibson Les Paul Studio (White Finish)

- Scheter Tempest


- ESP Eclipse II (snow white)

ESP Standard Series Eclipse II

- ESP LTD EC1000 Deluxe (white)

Esp Ltd Deluxe Ec-1000 Electric Guitar Black

Amps and Cabinets

- Peavey 6505+

- Engl Powerball 100watt amplifier head

Engl Powerball II 100W Tube Guitar Amp Head

- Mesa 4x12 Slant Cab

- EVH 5153 head

- Bogner Uberschall

Effects and More
- Dimarzio ClipLock Straps (Black)

- Boss DD-6 Delay

- Boss NS-2

- Boss Tuner pedal

- Ernie Ball Volume Pedal Jr

- Sennheiser wireless

- Maxon OD-9 Overdrive

- Electro-Harmonix Micro POG

- TC Electronic Nova Delay




- 12-52 strings for drop c# and 11-49 strings for drop d - our readers think it may be D'Addario