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Michael Anthony needs no intro. He is perhaps best known as the original bass player in Van Halen. His most recent band Chickenfoot, is extremely rockin. Anthony's 2009 Chickenfoot rig was pretty paired down, but he was using some additional bass gear in the years following. Let's check it out.

Let's take a look at some of the bass guitar gear and equipment that has been seen in Anthony's bass rig.

Michael playing bass with Chickenfoot

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Chickenfoot Bass Rig:


Michael Anthony's Basses

- Schecter Guitar Research Michael Anthony Signature Electric Bass

Schecter Guitar Research Michael Anthony Electric Bass Carbon Gray

- Yamaha BB Series basses. A Michael Anthony signature BB300MA was his main bass. (BB2024 pic below)

- Yamaha Jack Daniels 4-string bass guitar

- Gibson EB1 Violin bass (Anthony has said this is his favorite instrument)

Here's a fun video that Schecter did, with Michael Anthony walking around the Schecter checking out his custom shop bass guitar.


Michael Anthony's Amps and Bass Cabinets

- Peavey VB-3 300 watt tube amps. A Michael Anthony version was then made, the Peavey VB-MA Michael Anthony Signature 300W Tube Bass Amp Head

- Peavey VB-810 8x10 cab enclosures

Note: Previously used Ampeg amps

Michael did a cool video where he talked about his signature Peavey VB-MA Bass Amp and MA-810 Cabinet. Anthony talks about the tone he got from the VB-3 bass amp and how he was impressed with it, used it on tour, which led to the making of his signature bass amp. Michael gives a sweet little demo of the amp, where he's playing a Schecter bass guitar through the amp.



Michael Anthony's Effects

Michael was using the following effects on 2012 tour:

- Dunlop DC-Brick

- MXR Stereo Chorus pedal

- MXR Flanger pedal

MXR M-117R Flanger Effects Pedal

- MXR Bass Octave Deluxe

- Boss TU-1000 tuner

Michael has said he wasn't using effects on the 2009 Chickenfoot tour, but did have the following in use:

- Wireless unit

- Audiotech Source Selector

- Furman Power Conditioner


Michael Anthony's Strings and Picks

- Dunlop Bass Strings various gauges (a picture shows gauges 45, 65, 87, 107. Dunlop site shows 45-105)

- Dunlop Delrin picks