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Gibson has finally done it! The legendary Gibson Greeny Les Paul has been released in both Standard and Custom Shop versions. Check this beauty out NOW before it sells out!!

Gibson Greeny Les Paul Standard Electric Guitar

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Chris Duarte is a blues-rock guitar player, vocalist and songwriter from Atlanta. Chris is a great guitar player and some have likened him to Stevie Ray. Definitely check him out.

Let's take a look at some of the gear and equipment that has been seen in Duarte's guitar rig.

Chris Duarte on guitar

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- 1963 Fender Stratocaster and Fender American Standard strat

Fender American Original '60S Stratocaster Rosewood Fingerboard Electric Guitar 3-Color Sunburst

- Xotic XS strat guitars

- Getoh Guitar

- Epiphone Les Paul

- 1995 Hamiltone

- Gibson ES-175

- Washburn Montgomery

- Epiphone Emperor (blond)

Epiphone Joe Pass Emperor II Electric Guitar

- Epiphone Casino

Epiphone Casino Electric Guitar Vintage Sunburst

- Fender D’Aquisto

- Tacoma acoustics

- '63 Fender Musicmaster

- '64 Fender Duo-Sonic

- Gibson Melodymaker

- Gibson SGs

Gibson Sg Standard Electric Guitar Heritage Cherry

- Ovation Adamas acoustic

- D’Angelico New Yorker (Japanese version)

Amps and Cabinets

- Chicago Blues Box Humbolt head

- Chicago Blues Box Bassman

- Marshall 4x12 cabinet (from the 70's)

Marshall 1960A or 1960B 300W 4x12 Guitar Extension Cabinet

- Fender Vibro-King and blackface Fender Twin amplifiers

- Marshall JCM 900

- Randall RM50s amps (one is a combo amp with a 15″ EV speaker and the other is a head with 4×12″ cab)

- Riveras amps (custom Rivera 15 with one 15” and a 4x12 with modular system)


- Xotic BB Plus

Xotic Effects BB Plus 2-Channel Overdrive Guitar Effects Pedal

- Boss CE-5 Chorus pedal

Boss Ce-5 Chorus Ensemble Pedal

- BOSS DD-3 delay pedal

- Boss DS-1 pedal

- BrownTone Hoochie-Mama boost pedal

- Sobbat Glow-Vibe GV-1 handmade pedal

- Guyatone CB-3 Cool Booster

- Peterson Strobe Tuner

- Cesar Diaz Texas Ranger pedal

- Echoplexes

- Sobbat GLOW-VIBE GV-1 Monkey Dance Univibe Effects Guitar Pedal

- Mutron Octave Divider

- Granville Procrastinator

Strings and Picks

- GHS Boomers gauges .11 .15 .18 .30 .40 .50

- Dunlop Tortex .88mm picks