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Marco Hietala is the male vocalist, bassist and songwriter of the Finnish heavy metal band Tarot and bassist and the male vocalist of the Finnish symphonic power metal band Nightwish.

Marco has mainly been a Warwick guy, and who can blame him. Warwick basses and equipment rules! Let's look at some of the gear and equipment that has been seen in Marco Hietala's bass gear rig.

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Marco Hietala's Basses

- Warwick Infinity 2000 LTD Bass Guitar

Warwick Infinity Bass Neck-Through 4-String

- Warwick Infinity NT Flamed Maple 4 bass guitar

- Warwick Vampyre NT 4 bass guitar

- Warwick Buzzard BO bass guitar

- Warwick Star Bass II Maple 4 bass guitar

Warwick German Pro Series Star Bass Electric Bass Guitar Cream

- Warwick Infinity - Panthera #14-2774 double neck bass guitar

- Warwick FJ 14 SMV C2 bass guitar

Check out this awesome video where Marco talks about his Warwick basses:

Marco Hietala's Amps and Cabinets

- Warwick Hellborg Big Cab bass cabinet

- Warwick Hellborg Mono Power 500 bass amplifier

- Warwick Pro-Tube IX and IV bass Amplifiers (not available in the USA according to Warwick's site)

- Warwick 410Pro 4x10 Speaker Cabinets



Marco Hietala's Other Gear

- SansAmp Tech21 GT2 Amp Modeler

- On the official Tarot site, he's listed as a DR strings player, but it's older information without any details on which gauges.