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My Rig 12 years 2 months ago #658

Epiphone Special Model II
Squire strat W DG-20 EMG pickups
"Dime-Strat" a modded Peavey Preaditor w/ 2 strat Tex/Mex and a Dimebucker
Peavey Millenium 5 String Bass
Takamini G series
PRS SE Singlecut w/ Trem
and my main axe Fender Road Worn 60's Strat

Amps- Vintage JCM 800 w/ 4x12 900 Cab
peavey vyper 30 watt
(thinking either a Vox combo or a fender combo next)

On board- Ernie ball VP Jr.
JH Crybaby
Korg pitch black tuner +
Dyna Comp
Line 6 M9
line 6 Dl4 (delays on m9 and dl4...Amazing together)
all powered by voodoo
off board- Crybaby (first peal)
digitech rp 90
digitech grunge

I mostly run mono w/ a sterio setting for delay

Re: My Rig 12 years 2 months ago #660

Interesting. What kind of music do you play?

Re: My Rig 12 years 2 months ago #661

rock and blues are my favorites to play but besides those i do christian some metal and some funk.

Re: My Rig 12 years 2 months ago #671

Cool. It's uncommon for someone to use both a vyper and a fender combo. I love the JCM800. It's my favorite amp ever but I don't have 2 grand unfortunately. I play in an emo band and I use an amp modeling pedal that sounds like it. Nice rig.

Re: My Rig 12 years 2 months ago #673

Yeah well i started with just the vyper but i played through the blues jr. Because of the place i was playing at had it and i like the tone. Then i figured out the stero stuff so i had to bring my vyper. After that i found i guy selling the JCM 800 stack (sort of) for 700 buck and i jumped on it. So i mostly play through the fender/peavey combo becuase of the ease of transportion but any major gig i bring the 800.
Mostly because churchs need to be able to control it but the stack is at its best when its turned up. So the modeling amp is the main while the fender fills it up. Its just amazing the tone that vyper has.

Re: My Rig 11 years 5 months ago #764

I've been out and about for some time and during that I have aquired some more gear.
My new guitar PRS Custom 24 25th aniversary (fun fact this exact guitar was featured in the Guitar center magazine thing... I don't know what their called but its RIDICULAS!!!)

I also have added a Blackout effector Musket V2 and put my original crybaby back on my board instead of the JH Crybaby (it has more of a sweep)

I also have a second smaller board for some smaller gigs and also as an 'acoustic board" featuring another M9 with some acoustic effect like reverb some minor delay and comp/eq on one scene and the rest is either modeled after my m9 or for some bass if my bassist needs it or if I have to play bass. I also got on there a Polytuner (SO GOOD the tuner on the M9 is crap) got that on sale at AMS and put on the Jimi Hendrix wah (it sound better on that board the my main one any way)

I still use the JCM 800 (of course it AMAZING) but I'm selling the Vyper and trying to get a Vox. The ideal amp is a morgan 30/800 because of the fact it takes the ac sound and mixes it with an 800 so it would fit me great but the i check the price tag and yeah the PRS was so expensive that I think I better get some better.

If you guys got any suggestions feel free to post them! I looking for a good clean combo that I can travel with... But it needs to have good amount of bass in it ;). BTW I still play contemp. christian but I've had some gigs need me to play a little harder stuff and of course the bluesis alway there

Re: My Rig 11 years 5 months ago #769

OH and some other stuff that I exclusivley use is...

-D'Addaro Regular Light (10-46 i believe and its because John Frusiante uses them and it feels weird using something else.) (Strat, SE, and Custom 24) I'll also use PRS string for my PRSs when they send me some packs but it not often enough)
-D'Addario EJ16 Lights (acoustics)
- Dunlup Jazz 3 Eric John sign picks (AMAZING) (electrics)
- Dunlup lights for acoustic sometimes will go .60s but that depend on the song and where I'm playing at...
- Monster Cables (Amazing)
-Pedal train (pro)
-rubber washers for strap locks (cheaper and no screwing and I think work better then the dunlup ones)
-Voodoo Labs ISO 5 and Pedal Power 2 (best clean power you can buy for your board

Re: My Rig 11 years 1 month ago #778

Well after being gone again for sometime I've actually downsized and upgraded. I now have a jhs pulp n peel compressor with a black buffer built in, a flahback delay to replace my dl4, a DMB stellar drive to replace my ts9, an walrus audio Iron Horse, a Jhs Morning Glory, a ehx freeze and micro pog, and I power all this by a voodoo labs ISO 5 and a Pedal power 2 +. I use a ac15 along side my jcm 800 and my peavey. I started using a slide also (dunlup).
My newest guitars are a Martin DRS1 to replace my takamine, a gretch g5122 double cutaway.
I ve modded out some of my guitars as well. My strat has custom shop 69'(sound killer), My SE has Mean 90's in it and I took out the dime-bucker in the "Dime Strat" and put it in my epiphone special model II and put .13 on it (I actually really like the neck pickup in it but the bridge pickup just suck). I got rid of the dime strat but I still have the fender start pickups. I also modded my VP Jr. so it does suck tone and my wah now has a LED and is true bypass (all done by JHS).
I have sold alot of my gear (pretty much my acoustic board). So I only have my main but its still quite alot. I'm looking into also getting a Timmy to compliment my Morning Glory and have my M9 modded by Jhv3. I also might get a whammy...

I have gotten all this gear because besides the church worship stuff, I've also gotten into playing some ambient type stuff. Think Panda Resistance meets Wilco while at a Foo Fighter/Chili Pepper show in a church. Yeah sounds weird but I like it.

Re: My Rig 11 years 1 month ago #779

The Vp DOESN'T suck tone... My bad
I've still use jazz III but been using Herco picks to get the edge kinda scrapeing sound

Re: My Rig 11 years 3 weeks ago #784

I gots a few more things. I've gotten a Eleven Rack and a Furman Power Coniditioner (the one with 8 inputs) both for $450. I gotta say I love the eleven rack. I've been using it as a recording interface. I will also be using it as a DI for a church I play at that can't use amps because theres a delay in the PA. I know the Axe Fx is probably better but for the price I got it at I'm not complaning. I'm proabaly will get a 2x12 cab or maybe 15 inch speaker so I can incorperated it into my live setup.
I've also gave in and got a whammy, and a fuzz factory, I also got a nose expression pedal for my M9. My Timmy is soon on its way as well.
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