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Slash's Guitar Gear Rig and Equipment 14 years 4 months ago #287

This thread discusses the Content article: Slash's Guitar Gear Rig and Equipment

I've been playin guitar goin on 40 years.
Do you really need all this gear?
I think it's sad.
Don't get me wrong - you're definitely one of a kind - but all this shit?
What gives man?

Re:Slash's Guitar Gear Rig and Equipment 14 years 4 months ago #288

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Are you directing this at Slash? :)

I think if your job or hobby is to play guitar and you have an almost unlimited gear budget, it would be easy over the years to amass a huge rig that has been tweaked to exactly how you like it.

Whether all the gear is a must, who knows. I was just reading about Malcolm Young and he for instance basically just uses a guitar and amp as does the guitar player in 3 doors down, etc...

Re:Slash's Guitar Gear Rig and Equipment 14 years 4 months ago #289

No man, it's not personal - not directed at Slash at all - can ya dig that?
What I meant was sad how so much gear some cats buy up to get one sound, then more gear for another sound.
That's all ;)
Just checkin' here and seein' if I can catch new techniques/hybrids.
Remember when Chuck Berry said "there's nothin new under the sun"? Maybe he's right - hope he's not - can ya dig that man?
I'm just an old hippie who plays for himself any more.
Peace to ya
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