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robert smith (the cure) gear

15 years 4 months ago #274 by musicislife4567
gretsch country gentalmen
fender bass VI(this is a big part of their sound)
Schecter Ultracure Siginture
Schecter RS-1000 acoustic
ovation balladeer 12-string acoustic
'99 gretsch silver falcon
'60's fender jazzmaster
'60's mosrite venture
'60's Coral Sitar

Line 6 Flextone
ampeg VL503 tube combo amp
roland jazz chorus
marshall blues breaker
vox ac30
fender twin reverb
peavy ultra 120 head
peavy cabinets
wem clubman (three imaginary boys)

alot of boss pedals (smith says he's used almost every boss pedal ever made)
the main ones are
ph-2 phaser
bf-2 flanger
dd-3 delay
od-3 and sd-1 overdrive
ds-1 distortion
bd-2 blues driver
ns-2 noise gate
ce-123&5 and ch-1 chorus
pn-2 tremolo pan
Dunlop Crybaby Original
Korg Toneworks 411 FX
tech 21 sansamp
Eventide harmonizer
Electro-Harmonix Electric Mistress Flanger
Electro-Harmonix Deluxe Memory Man

Robert Uses at least this gear and probably more here are my sources

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15 years 4 months ago #275 by uberpro
Awesome job musicislife! I'll definitely work on getting this up on the site, and will give you credit for doing the research. Thanks!!!!

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15 years 4 months ago #276 by uberpro
I just wanted to add what Wikipedia has. Some of it overlaps with what we already have:

Smith has an extensive range of guitars with a variety of different sounds for different songs and eras of The Cure. His collection includes:
-Gretsch Silver Falcon 6136SL
- Gibson Chet Atkins semi-acoustic
- '60s Fender Jazzmaster
- Fender Telecaster
- '60s Fender Bass VI
- '60s Mosrite Ventures
- '60s Coral Sitar
- Takamine EN28C acoustic
- Takamine 12-string acoustic
- Aria Sandpiper acoustic
- Ovation L756 12-string acoustic
- Gretsch Black Falcon
- Gretsch Red Tennessee Rose
- Guild 12-string acoustic
- Gibson Reverse Firebird
- Mosrite joe maphis
-1963 National "Valco" Val Pro 88 (as seen on the cover of the trilogy DVD, and in the VHS Play Out).
- his own signature model guitar, the Ultracure, in production by Schecter Guitar Research.

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15 years 3 months ago #290 by musicislife4567
oh yeah i didn't even think to check wikipedia. i also recently saw a picture of him using a black gibson les paul with gold hardware. it pretty much looked like a black beauty les paul without the middle pickup i'd show you but i can't remeber where i saw it!

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15 years 1 month ago #319 by SonEsmonduu
Just to add, he also used some shitty guitar from Woolworth (Top 40 or something it was called).
He recorded the whole first album on the pickups from that guitar.

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15 years 3 days ago #340 by TOMC
saw them recently in uk he's switched over to orange amps now finished in black think they're ad30 heads and 4x12

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